Three Walks Across America

Have I mentioned I love walking? Since April 4th, 2015, I have walked 9,452 miles during three walks across America, successfully crossing the Northern, Middle, and Southern portions of the United States.

Walk One – April 4th, 2015 to October 11th, 2015

Virginia Beach, VA to San Francisco, CA. 3,250 miles in 191 days.

Walk Two – April 11th, 2018 to September 8th, 2018

Portland, ME to Seaside, OR. 3,402 miles in 150 days.

Walk Three – November 11th, 2020 to March 12th, 2021

Jacksonville, FL to San Diego, CA. 2,800 miles in 122 days.

I am incredibly blessed to have been able to experience walking across our great country (three times) at a walker’s pace! The adventures, the people, the generosity, and the love I was shown was truly remarkable and left a lasting impact on me.

Check out some of the blog posts from my Northern and Southern Tier walks to get a better idea of what walking across America is like!